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What is PCB? PCB Manufacturer China

Dec 18 2020

Introduction to PCB – PCB manufacturer china

In today’s Article PCB manufacturer china, we are going to reveal important information that will definitely going to help you grow in your relative field. But before brief explanation we want to let you know what exactly PCB is?

PCB manufacturer china

PCB manufacturer china actually uses pads, tracks and lines on single board in order to connect the electronic components electrically. We know that you will not understand it easily but don’t worry we will explain everything briefly from its main feature to its usage in latest technology, you guys will get to know everything here. Continue to read the below content and dive into the main information.

Basic Intro of PCB – PCB manufacturer china

Full form of PCB is printed circuit board that plays an important role in making connection of electronic components with pads, tracks & lines that integrate with laminated copper sheet.

PCB designs are very popular these days and it is one of the latest technologies. Before the invention of PCB, manufacturer used wiring in order to make connection with electronic components; this method of wiring was not only expensive but also makes the design very complicated.

Development of PCB – PCB manufacturer china

But those days are gone now with PCB, manufacturers are now able to get rid of old wiring technics. Now making mess free circuit design is just possible because of PCB. The very first PCB was actually come into being by Australian Engineer Paul Eisler.

As we all knows that day by day demands of electronics are increasing, this demands pushes manufacturers to introduce an ideal and hassle free method. By introducing this method now every circuit board takes very small space and the cost is also very lower.

This was just a start and later on PCB is the one that brought revolution into the electronics industry.

After that electronics industry comes up with lot of more innovation and ideas. If you research on printed circuit board then you will get to know that 90% PCBs are made of composite material and epoxy.

Few of them also composed of fiber glass. Well as far as we know we found these components as a main part of PCB that actually brings sophistication in the circuit design. Printed Circuit Board can be design by different layers in multiple designs.

The Printed circuit board used by simple electronics is made up of single layer. But this is not the case with graphic cards and motherboards, their designs are more compact and modern because they are made by using multi layers.

Lot of people thinks that PCBs are only used for computers but they are mistaken. PCB demand is almost everywhere now PCB manufacturer china are making use of PCB in electronics like digital cameras, TV, phones etc.

PCB manufacturer china Characteristics that you may have not known

Through Hole Technology

In the past, the most common technic to design PCB were through hole technology. In this technology electronics parts are connected with leads inserted through hole and were also soldered on the other side of the board.

According to the design requirement, PCB can be single or double sides, for more advance circuits they are single sided.

Surface Mount Technology

This technology was actually developed in 1960s and its usage becomes common in 1990s.

The main difference b/w through hole and surface mount technology is that in this technology electronics parts equipped by small ends caps by joining them onto the printed circuit boards.

Through hole technology provides a huge circuit with huge density but this is not the case with surface mount technology.

Parts of surface mounts are ten times smaller than through hole technology, so this technology is now ruling the electronic industry because it is one of an ideal choice in making design compact as well as ideal for making modern devices.

Now surface mount technology have completely replaced through hole technology because its prices are very low as compared to through hole and designs are also ten times hassle free and compact.

Composition of Printed Circuit Board – PCB manufacturer china

Simple PCB is made by using variety of layers that are interconnected by heat and adhesive. These layers play an important role in giving amazing shape and compact design by making a single circuit. In order to explain you clearly lets dive in to the brief conversation where we will reveal every layer briefly.

Substrate Layer

The very first layer is substrate layer, it is a base layer, and its material is composed of fiber glass it is also referred as substrate. In this era, the most common fiber glass used by printed circuit boards is FR4.

There are many printed circuit boards which are composed of phenolics and epoxies, but they comes up with a downside that they are not durable as FR4 but their advantage is that they are not much expensive and comes up with a unique bad smell.

Such types of substrates are commonly used by low end consumer electronics. If you study phenolics then you will get to know that they decomposes at very low temperature because of this it erupt the substrate easily. If you want to know whether the board is rigid or flexible then you have to look upon substrate nature.

Copper Layer

The second layer is copper layer which exists besides substrate layer; it is thin layer of copper foil. In order to laminate copper foil on the printed circuit board heat is used. In most of the printed circuit boards both sides of substrate are polished by copper foil. You will get to see this mostly on double sided PCB.

Copper foil is not laminated on the both side of PCB in cheap electronics. Mostly boards composed of almost 1 to 16 layers. Copper thickness changes according to every board type; it is usually measured in ounces per square foot because this measurement is perfect for printed circuit board.

But if you are making an application that requires more power then you should laminate copper round about 2 or 3 ounce per square foot.

Solder Mask Layer

Third layer is Solder Mask Layer, this layer lies above the copper. It plays an important role in insulating copper layer. In short it prevents the copper layer in getting contact with any metal or conductive material. It usually works as a protective layer. The color of solder mask mostly available in green, but you can also buy it in red color from few places.

Silk Screen Layer

Fourth layer is silk screen layer, it lies above the solder mask, and it plays an important role in letting user to add numbers or letter on the printed circuit board. By adding numbers or letter you can make the board user-friendly. This layer is simply amazing because it clearly identifies every pin functions.

You will usually get to see it in white color but you can also buy it in variety of colors like red, gray etc from few unique places.

We recommend you highly that not use different colors on the board, if you use single color then the board will be more users friendly.

Printed Circuit Boards Types

After briefly explaining about layers then we are going to reveal the types of PCB.

There are 3 main types of Printed Circuit Board. These types come into being on the behalf of numbers of layers and nature of board. First type is Single sided printed circuit board, in this type; copper foil is laminated on the one side of board. Such types of boards usage has been found mainly in printers, calculators as well as coffee machines.

Second types of boards are known as double sided printed circuit boards. In this type, copper foil is laminated on the both sides of board. Such types of boards usage has been found mainly in amplifiers, vending machines, LED lightening and general power suppliers.

Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Board

Such types of boards are made by using double layered printed circuit board. In order to avoid more heat, these boards are glued together with insulated parts. Doing this can prevent the components from getting damage. Such types of boards usage has been found mainly in satellite system, weather equipment, x ray equipment, data storage and much more.


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