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Ceramic PCB

Ceramic PCBs are a circuit board made of a ceramic substrate. PCB is an abbreviation for the Printed Circuit Board. It is made of electronic ceramic and can be changed to many different shapes and sizes. Due to its high-temperature resistance and high electrical insulation properties, it is widely used in various fields where better circuit boards are required.

◆ Strong mechanical stress, stable shape; high strength, high thermal conductivity, high insulation; strong binding force, anti-corrosion.
◆ Good thermal cycling performance, with 50,000 cycles, high reliability.
◆ Similar to the PCB board (or IMS substrate), it can etch a variety of graphic structures; no pollution, no pollution.
◆ Wide operating temperature range -55 ℃ ~ 850 ℃; The thermal expansion coefficient is close to silicon, which simplifies the production process of power modules.