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Top China PCB Production in 2021

Dec 26 2020

Amazing China PCB Production that you May have Not Known

As we all knows that PCB has been very popular everywhere, so we decided to share the most world’s most reliable China PCB Production that will offers you world’s best PCB services as well as the value you looking for.

But before disclosing those reliable PCB manufacturers we want to clear the concept of PCB for newbies.

What is PCB?

Full form of PCB is Printed Circuit Board; it is a thin board which is composed of laminated copper. PCB is made by using many lines and pads that plays an important role in connecting other parts altogether for example transistors, resistors & integrated circuit.

Top PCB Manufacturers in China

Are you wondering for the world’s best PCB manufacturers in china? If yes, then you are at the right place. China is the only one where you will find unlimited PCB manufacturers because their one of the main concentration is PCB so don’t you worry about quality concerns because we will only share the valuable manufacturers.

Secondly trying our mentioned PCB manufacturers will not only save your time in searching but will also come up with top notch services. We are so much sure because we have personally tried their services and we are pretty much satisfied from them.

Do you want to try these companies? If yes then first read a detailed review about it and then jump over their services.

china pcb production

1: Best Value Pick – Huafeng

Huafeng is at number one on ranking when it comes to world’s most reliable PCB manufacturing. We have personally tried them and we are 100% satisfied from their valuable products. If you ask us to rate their performance, product quality and efficiency we will definitely love to give them 10 out of 10. We recommend it highly to all those who is looking for valuable Printed Circuit Board. This company comes into being in 1987; they have decades of experience so you can rely on them. They have been awarded with multiple international awards for manufacturing world’s best PCBs.



They offer different kinds of PCB like single, double or multilayer PCBs. Best part about them is that they also offers high-end boards, such as high frequency PCB, Metal core PCB, Rigid-flex PCB etc. if you are looking for world’s best fabrication then you don’t have go anywhere they also offer this service, in short you can get all the services related to PCBs. We have checked all the reviews on their website and you know what, all the reviews are positive about their product quality. This is our best value pick because their attitude towards the customers is simply amazing.

Their support team is super-fast and always gives good advises related to product and always guide about the market trend. So from us, it is a big YES because we experienced them the most reliable company till now. Their delivery time is also good because they have huge team of engineers that gives 100% to their work. Their prices are also affordable; they took great care of their customer needs so you can rely on them.

As you can see above that Huafeng has unlimited advantages, this is the reason we rank it at number one on our top China PCB Production in 2021. They truly deserve this appreciation, you can try them without hesitation, and we assure you that you will never regret spending your hard earned money on this company.


When it comes to disadvantages, honestly we have not experience any downside in their services, so have nothing to share any bad point about them.

2: Ray PCB  

When it comes to China PCB Production we will rank Ray PCB on the second number. RayMing Technology (Ray PCB) comes into being in 2005. This company has almost 15 years of experience. They have been popular because they provide immensely high quality PCB. If you ask us to rate it we will give it 9 out of 10. We have checkout their portfolio they have almost positive reviews, customers are also admiring their services.


RayMing Technology (Ray PCB) first advantage is that their speed of delivery is amazing. They are very professional especially to meet up the demands.  They have a huge team that has a capability to produce PCBs within 24 hours; the maximum time we have experienced is 5 days.


Along advantages it has some disadvantages also. Their prices are bit high; common men first have to make his budget friendly pocket and then can look for their services. But if you are one of those that look for quality over cost then we recommend it highly because this investment will definitely have a worth value. Another disadvantage is that there can be chances for changings min hole or min line width.

3: PCBWay

We will rank PCBWay on 3rd rank because we found it also very reputable and trustable company. This company is located in Xiacheng, China. This company has specialized engineers that produces PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly, and Custom PCB Design and Manufacturing.


They are popular because they have high speed Pick and Place Machines that as a capability to produce 28,000 SMD components per hour.

They come up with DHL shipping, so in almost 3 days product will be at your doorstep. Their customer services are amazing, they respond via chats and mails on time. They did not charge any extra fees, so this one is a good place for those who have a tight budget.


They are good but sometimes their quality is not as good as you expect. Though they have just one downside but this can affect their whole service, if they work on it then they can be on the number one.


We will rank JLCPCB on number four, because they offer very fast shipping with affordable prices. You guys can consider them after PCBWay.


Best part about this company is that they have been growing very quickly, they are popular because of using flexible shipping channels like DHL, EMS, and AirMail. They offers very affordable service, you will not believe but yes they charge about 2$ for PCB prototype.


After experiencing we realize that they are not really good in providing quality Printed Circuit Board. They are only good in prototype products. After exploring customer reviews we found few of the negative reviews, some customers were coming up with an issue that their products were faulty.

Another big downside of them is that there can be communication difficulties or their payment system sometimes also gets faulty.


ALLPCB is our last choice for Top China PCB Production in 2021. As its name suggest, they try their best to meet all your needs for PCB manufacturing.


When it comes to advantages then we must tell you that they also offer PCB Assembly and SMT Stencil services. Another plus point of trying their services is that their turn around is very fast. Their customer support team is very active, they respond within 24 hours. At the end they come up with a detailed report.


Their very first downside is that they charge hidden fees, we explore few of the reviews and we found that few customers are coming up with a complaint that they have to pay for more features that they never imagined. Another downside of trying their service is that there might be chances of PCB top thin copper layer. Few customers were saying that they don’t use a quality or valuable material in manufacturing. Few of them were also not satisfied with terrible PCB cutting.


Well, choosing few of them from thousands of China PCB Production was not really easier; we have picked Huafeng as our Value Pick because from the breakdown and advantages above, it is obvious that no one can beat Huafeng.

From the certifications, quality control system, the quality of the products, and the diversification of its PCB products and services, we will definitely say that Huafeng is the one that should be everyone’s choice without hesitation.

This company has outstanding features, we assure you that you will never disappoint if you try their services. If you want to know more about them or want to contact them then make a call at (+86) 0755-83388898, you can also leave an email at Their team will respond you as soon as possible.

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