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Amazing PCB Designing Software – PCB China

Dec 24 2020

Everything You Need to Know about PCB Designing Software – PCB China

As we all knows that designing PCB china is one of the most crucial things to do. For designing layout of PCB board we must have to choose good designing software. Designing software plays an important role in making lay out of the electrical circuit. But you can design the circuit board good only if you have chosen the right kind of software for your needs.

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PCB china designing tools are most commonly used by engineers or team that is on a mission of product development. You will get to see lot of tools in your surroundings, few of them will be free and few of them will be premium but you can use the free ones also but for getting their advanced features you have to buy them.

Few people don’t take the software selection seriously but they are at mistaken, there are many factors to consider before selection of software, a good software can gives you an immediate success in PCB making.

Here are few things that you have to consider before software selection.

  • You have to find out whether the tool is eligible to design single layer PCB two layered or multi-layered PCB boards.
  • Is the software is user friendly?
  • Is there any chance of malfunction while using it?

In order to help you we are here to discuss the world’s best PCB china designing software, by exploring these tools briefly you can choose the one according to your needs. We assure you that that the below list will definitely going to help you in choosing the right one.

We have personally tried Proteus software for designing our PCB so we recommend it highly because we found it so reliable, it is an amazing tool because it not only helps you in simulating your circuit design but helps in PCB designing also. We have also tried Eagle tool, it will be our second preference incase Altium will not be available. Eagle software is full of advanced features and highly efficient with 100% reliability. Anyway let’s continue with us by reading below content for having knowledge about world’s best PCB china designing software. But before diving into the tools read about PCB tools basics, it will help you in better understanding.

Basics of PCB China Designing Tools

Here we are going to explain few things that you have to keep in your mind before diving into your PCB Design. In the start of your jump we will recommend you not to jump into PCB designing directly. First of all design your circuit on bread board and then inspect it, if it passed the test then move to next step and jump over to designing part.

We have seen many engineers, who jump over to PCB designing in the start and then face lot of malfunctions into the hardware. If you don’t want to waste your PCB board then we recommend you highly to first design the circuit on bread board.

You can also simulate your circuit design on some designing tools but it’s totally up to you. We always test the hardware on bread board and then jump over to designing PCB. This trick helps us a lot in making our mission successful.

Top PCB China Designing Tool


My very first preference is always with Altium. If you want to use it then check out their official site. This tool is especially designed for designing PCB, it is amazing because its rich features allows you to design any of the layer. We have tried it personally and found it very powerful; it comes up with lot of features for editing PCB. But it has one downside because this tool is paid and you have to buy it directly from their official platform. Its main advantage is that it let you create the component list, BOM file. It also allows you to design flexible PCB. It has been installed by 3D simulator which allows you to know about the final shape of PCB.


As we have already mentioned above that Eagle will be our second preference. It is also amazing software incase Altium is not available. It is also very reliable, efficient and powerful. Its rich features allow you to any type of editing. It is renowned by worldwide and most commonly used by engineers.

Its feature comes up with flexibility and great performance. It is very old tool and has been used by engineers since years so you can easily ask any questions related to PCB forums, people will definitely help you out. Its main advantage is that it let you create the component list, BOM file as same as Altium do.


Our third preference is with Proteus after Eagle. Personally this one is special to us, though we rated it at number 3 but still its user friendly interface makes it our favorite. It is our favorite because it not only let you create or design the PCB board but you can also simulate your complete circuit design. So what else you want more? This feature make it completely unique from other tools, this is the reason we like it the most. If you are using this tool then we recommend you to first design its simulation and then jump over to design PCB board. It has lot of features that will not only help in designing and editing but you can also test the 3D design. If you ask our choice for PCB designing, we will definitely recommend it highly.


Our fourth preference is with Fritzing. It has been popular because of its layout. Its interface is attractive and easy to use, you can use it quickly even on your first attempt. It allows you to design PCB on your fingertips but it has one downside that it is not a professional one. It has a very small list of features that limited you from making PCB design extra ordinary.

Though it is easy to use but personally we will not recommend it for designing. But if you are new or making your first PCB design then we recommend it highly, it will be good for newbies.

Tiny Cad

Tiny Cad is our fifth choice for designing Printed Circuit Board. Why? Because it is a reputable tool and has similar features like Eagle. It has also been installed with huge list of tools that brings easiness in editing.


ZenitPCB is also a great choice for designing PCB. It also has user friendly layout and performs each function efficiently.


We will rank it on our list at seventh position. It is very powerful and perfect for those who are newbies. If you are a learner then do try it, you will be clear out with lot of things within days. This tool comes up with a help video; you can watch it just once and will be good in usage. We will definitely say that it is one of the cool tools and recommend one.


After ExpressPCB we will recommend you to try KICAD, because you can have access to it easily. It is easily available and you can download it free. If you are on tight budget these days and PCB project is important for you then download it and start making your project. This tool let you design almost 16 layers. So what else you want more? If you think you are going to make a complex PCB then we recommend it highly because it has functionality to handle complex design.


Last but not least, EasyEDA is good for PCB designing. It is good for newbies because its interface has everything on the front side and brings ease for user to design it on the board. It also allows multi-layer designing but it as one downside, it has very few lists of tools and features and database components, you have to design the components on your own. Just by a small practice one can easily use it.


So these were the few PCB China designing tool, now it’s up to you which one you select. We will recommend you to use Eagle and Proteus, because we found them most reliable.

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