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PCB Types – China PCB Manufacturer

Dec 22 2020

PCB Types that you may have not known – China PCB Manufacturer

China PCB Manufacturer

This Article is about the printed circuit board types and China PCB Manufacturer, but before explaining these topics, first we want to let you know about the basics of printed circuit board then we will move ahead.

Basics of Printed Circuit Board – China PCB Manufacturer

Printed Circuit Board is a circuit board which has been laminated by copper. It is nonconductive board means current cannot pass by it. In this board all electrical parts are attach together in 1 board with physical support. If you study about past then you will get to know that all components were attach via wire, which was very messy and was not user friendly. But this is not the case with printed circuit board, in order to reduce the messy situation printed circuit board comes into being where you have to connect all the components internally. Printed circuit board is very reliable and noncomplex circuit.

Printed circuit board plays an important role in providing electricity and connection b/w the parts. Best part of printed circuit board is that you can customize it easily whether the specification is hard or not, you can customize it according to the customer requirement. Printed circuit board usage has been very common in this era.

You will get to see it in almost every electronic device from small to large. Few of the major common devices that contain printed circuit board are TV, mobile, digital camera. You will also get to see them in computer parts like motherboard, graphic cards etc. You will also get to see this circuit in lot of medical equipment, automotive, lightening and industrial machines.

Types of PCB – China PCB Manufacturer

Though there exist many types of PCB but we are going to list down few main ones that are in common use. Continue to read the below Article and knows about PCB types China PCB Manufacturer.

Single Layer Printed Circuit Board

This layer is also called Single Sided printed Circuit Board. In this era, most commonly used printed circuit board is single sided PCB because such type is not only easily to design but its manufacturing process is also very reliable. Single layer printed circuit board one side is laminated by any conductive material. Most commonly conductive material used by manufacturers are copper, they gives first preference to it because copper has lot of advantages.

In order to protect board from oxidation solder mask is used. This type let you connect only one side of printed circuit board to connect with electrical components. Most common example of such type is resistors, capacitors as well as inductors. Their wide usage has been in applications like calculators, radio, printers and the solid-state drive. This type is budget friendly and user friendly in the making of bulk manufacturing applications.

Double Layer Printed Circuit Board

Second most common type of printed circuit board is called double sided printed circuit board. If you look upon its name then you can have an idea that in this type conductive material is laminated on the both side top and bottom of PCB. Most common conductive layer used by this circuit is copper. Yes copper always remains the first preference of almost all manufacturers because of its amazing conductive characteristics.

Such type of boards has two pads in corresponding position; these are attach via hole through board. This type is famous because it comes up with a very compact size. If you compare it with other types then you will get to know that it is more flexible and bidet friendly. Their wide usage has been in applications like industrial controls, converter, UPS system; HVAC application. You can also make its usage in Phone, Amplifier and Power monitoring systems. We recommend this type highly because we found it very reliable.

Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Board

3rd type of Printed Circuit Board is known as multi-layer printed circuit board. If you look upon its name then you can have an idea that it has at least 3 conductive material layers. In order to provide extra security to board, glue is applied b/w the layer of insulation. Manufacturers do this step in order to keep the components safe from getting damage.

We recommend this type but it is very complicated because manufacturer used it only for larger and complicated electrical tasks. You will get to see such type of printed circuit board in GPS technology, satellite system. Few of the larger medical equipment, file server & data storage also contains type of PCB.

Flexible PCB

Fourth type of PCB is Flexible PCB. It is also called flex circuit. In this type flexible plastic material like polymide, PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) is use. Few of these boards also manufacture by using a transparent conductive polyester film. Such type of boards is commonly place in fold or twist form. This type is also very complex because it contains single sided flex circuit, double sided flex circuit and multisided flex circuit. Such type of circuit’s wide usage has been found in organic light emitting diode, LCD fabrication, flex solar cell, automotive industries. Few of the larger cellular telephones, camera and complex electronics devices like laptops contain such type of circuits.

Rigid PCBs

Here’s comes another type of PCB, which are manufacture by using solid material. Because of this material, PCB cannot be twist. Its layer configuration is as same as flex PCB. But it is change from flex PCB because after installation you will not get to see any change in installation. This type is called rigid PCB because you cannot twist the shape of this board according to shape of base. They are used especially because this type of board’s lifespan is very longer. Manufacturers mostly used such type in RAM, CPU & GPU. It comes up in a very simple design, from all types, the most common one is single side rigid PCB. If you are too much size conscious and want more compact PCB then you can make use of multi-layer rigid PCB.

Flex-rigid printed Circuit Board

Last but not least, this is the sixth type of printed circuit board. As its name suggest, it is the combination of flexible and rigid circuit. Such type of boards are manufacture by using multiple layers of flexible PCB that are attach by a number of rigid PCB layer. Such type of board’s wide usage has been exist in cell phones, cameras as well as automobiles.


Now days Printed Circuit Boards are everywhere, because of it our life has been easier. We interact with lot of printed circuit boards on daily basis.  Hope you like this Article, as we have already explained above that these are the commonly used types of Printed Circuit Board. Though there are many types but we introduced the few common ones.

Hope you like it and found it useful for yourself. This Article is just for those who want to clear the technical aspects; it will help you to find the most appropriate type of circuit board for your requirements. If you are looking for best China PCB Manufacturer then you are at the right place. Continue to read the below article and knows about the reputable China PCB Manufacturer company.

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