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PCB Equipment

PCB Equipment

1. MYDATA-MY200 (MY100) High-speed Placement Machine

MYDATA-MY200 (MY100) high-speed placement machine from Sweden, the bare metal of 2.43 million yuan, more than three million machines (seventy-eight warehouses). This equipment comes with an air compressor. It does not need an external air compressor. It can stack 0201 materials without stacking 10 pieces. The placement precision is very high. It is one of the most accurate placement equipment in all placement machine systems. It has a repeatability of 15μm/3σ, a corner resolution of 0.009° and a corner accuracy of 0.03°. Z-axis resolution: 2 μm. Only electronic research institutes and military units use such machines.


2. MYDATA Printing Machine

MYDAT(PCB equipment)solder paste printer: After offline editing and designing the program (just over ten minutes), the program can be transferred to the device through the network, and the solder paste can be directly sprayed on the PCB pad like a printer. The thickness of the solder paste can be flexible. Control, uniform thickness. At present, only Foxconn, Zhongxing Huawei has this machine, and Sweden imports equipment worth US$330,000.


3. DIP Automatic Spray Wave Soldering Machine

Fully automatic spray wave soldering machine. This device is used to spray flux on the pads of the PCB before soldering. The purpose is to remove the pad oxide and solder the component pads and pads for better soldering!


4. Alide Offline AOI Detector

After the furnace off-line AOI detector, for the PCBA of the finished furnace, QC uses the off-line AOI 100% full inspection, can check the error parts, few pieces, reverse, vertical parts, virtual welding, partial position, even tin, after the full inspection OK Send QA for sampling.


5. X-RAY Detector

X-ray (PCB equipment test)inspection equipment can detect the welding condition of BGA, such as short circuit, virtual soldering, solder joint gas.


6. 60 Times Digital Electron Microscope

A 60x digital microscope with a value of more than 10,000, for those who are not obvious to the naked eye, can be solved with this device.