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Capabilities & Quality

Capabilities & Quality

PCB Capability

“Quality is our obligation”, with over 33 years of engaging in the PCB industry, we strive to produce superior quality PCB by continuing to improve Ceramic PCB, HDI PCB, Aluminum PCB, and thick copper PCB manufacturing level to get the satisfaction from our clients and ourselves.

Follows are our basic PCB production capability, but not limited by that. If you would like some special materials or other requirements, please DM us directly, we are here to assist you.

Items Capability
Materials FR4, Rogers, Bergs
Minimum dielectric thickness 0.075mm
Layer count 16
Maximum board size (mm) 588*622
Minimum track / gap IL (mil) – copper weight dependant 4mil
Minimum track / gap OL (mil) – copper weight dependant 4mil
Surface finish ENIG / GF / OSP / I Ag / HASL (lead) / HASL (Leadfree) / Plating Au / Ni / Immersion Sn / GF+OSP / GF+HASL / OSP+ENIG
Layer to layer registration 3mil
Finish hole tolerance (PTH) ±3mil
Finish hole tolerance (NPTH) ±2mil
Overall Thickness 0.4-3.5mm
Max Dimension Thickness > 1.0mm 25×20″
Thickness ≤ 1.0mm 20×16″
Base Copper Inner 1/3 – 4 oz
Outer 1/3 – 6 oz
Min hole size (Mechanically) 0.20mm
Aspect Ratio 10:01
Outline Tolerance (CNC) +/-0.1mm
Bow & Twist ≦0.8%
Impedance (Single / Differential) +/-10%
Min trace width/ Spacing (Inner) 3.5/4mil
Min trace width / Spacing (Outer) 4/4mil
Min Laser drilling hole (HDI) 0.20mm


ISO9001 is the family of quality management systems(QMS), aiming to ensure products and services provided by companies and organizations in accord with customers and other stakeholder needs within regulatory requirements.

Our approach to transparent quality control and endeavoring in quality improvement will implement your project smoothly, ultimately increasing your profits. If you are considering a strategic partner to manufacture your PCB, cctc-hfpcb will be your best choice.

Capabilities & Quality

Lead Time

The following is the chart of the lead time from 2-10 layers. Punctual delivery takes around 3-5 days(depending on which countries you are), with multiple terms FOB/FCA HK/SZ;DHL/UPS available. You can choose a suitable service according to your schedule.

Layers Deliverability Deliverability
2L <1m² 5 days <3m² 5 days
4L <1m² 4 days <3m² 7 days
6L <1m² 7 days <3m² 8 days
8L <1m² 7 days <3m² 8 days
10L <1m² 7 days <3m² 8 days