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Why heavy copper PCB manufacturer-An Ultimate thick pcb guide

Feb 22 2020

sA Beginner’s Guide to calculating PCB copper thickness


Heavy copper pcb manufacturers

Table of Contents:

  • Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturer- An Emerging Persona
  • What are heavy copper printed boards?
  • Why you should use the Heavy Copper PCB manufacturer?
  • Different Varieties of heavy copper PCB manufacturer
  • Some Important Instructions for Heavy Copper PCB manufacturer
  • Expensive, but worth of money



Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturer- An Emerging Persona

Many designers and Heavy Copper pcb manufacturer don’t know about heavy copper PCB carrying high current efficiently. Since every electronic industry is struggling for new devices to match modern technology level, the role of a heavy copper PCB manufacturer is increasing day by day.

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There is a huge space still available for PCB designers to fill. Moreover, the variety in multiple technology fields has also opened up the discussion on future production of heavy/thick printed circuit boards. The question is whether we are close to seeing the new innovation in the PCB industry or still electronics equipment will be running on primitive technology.

In the whole process, the role of PCB designer and manufacturer is very significant. It is more than laudable the way printed circuit board manufacturers have met the industry requirement.

What are heavy copper printed boards?

Heavy copper boards are composed of 3 ounces to 20 ounces of conductors that are composed chiefly of copper.

All You Need to Know about Heavy Copper PCB manufacturer


Printed board circuits are the latest trend in the industry, and now it is shifting towards heavy copper PCB manufacturers. They offer so many benefits that make them applicable to different kinds of circuits. They may be expensive to produce, but this article will elaborate on why they have such high demand.


Although there is no precise definition of heavy copper PCB, the term usually refers to PCBs that feature three ounces or 85 grams of copper on the internal and external layers. The copper thickness may vary from 20 oz per ft2 to 200 oz per ft2. This thicker plating and appropriate substrate combined with it make them a reliable wiring platform.


Why you should use the Heavy Copper PCB manufacturer?

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As Heavy copper boards provide many desirable and long-lasting features, heavy copper PCB manufacturer has shifted their focus towards them. They can bear high temperature and are thermally stable. They have a much faster and efficient current carrying capacity. Consequently, they can take on more loads. Moreover, the circuit size is also smaller because they combine a lot of copper weights onto one printed board circuit. Another fascinating aspect is that you don’t need to worry about complex wire bus configurations.


How you can use Heavy Copper PCB


There are various places that these PCBs are delivering improved efficiency and energy savings. These are:

  • Solar Power Converters
  • Safety and Signal Systems
  • UPS Systems
  • Torque Controls
  • Power Line Monitors
  • Overload Relays
  • Storage Pumping Plants
  • Rail Traction Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Protection Relays


Different Varieties of heavy copper PCB manufacturer


  • The heavy copper having one or two sides is the simplest form of PCB, that contains from 3-20 ounces thickness of copper. They have the lowest cost.
  • Multilayer heavy copper has considerably more layers ranging from four to eight, in which one layer has constituted up to fifteen ounces that interconnect to copper in vias. In both of these types, the use of thermal reliefs is of great significance.
  • Heavy copper PCB manufacturer has built a very updated and advanced level PCB is multilayer PCB. It is made up of two to five different copper levels that also interconnect on the same layer. There is an extra via which keeps the pad attached and allows more current to pass through.
  • A new low-cost method replaces the heavier copper assembling up to 20 miles off to the copper This technology produces heavy boards that can manage the maximum amount of copper above and below the surface.


Some Important Instructions for Heavy Copper PCB manufacturer

High current assemblage is quite a difficult task for a heavy copper board, but not possible. By using extra care and special engineering techniques during manufacturing, there could be a great enhancement in thermal transfer from a soldering iron to pads.

  • Heavy copper PCB manufacturers advised using high temperature and free from lead rated laminate so that pads keep attached with all retained heat.


  • Assembly technology of heavy copper PCBs needs certain testing and verifying attempts before you can allow the heavy copper which is a good heat absorber. It will be a significantly heavy and reasonably thicker than a normal PCB. This type of PCBs offers multiple advantages over conventional printed circuit boards and is according to the present demands of the industry.


  • Particular scratching and plating techniques are used to create circuit boards including Heavy Copper PCBs. This includes fast plating and different carving. Initially, heavy copper highlights were organized by drawing thick copper layer covered board material, along these lines causing uneven follows and uncalled for undermining. This has brought about even sidewalls and simple undercut.

In A nutshell

The more thickness of copper layers, the longer will be the etching time. Heavy copper plating makes the circuit boards more conceivable and beneficial for daily usage in the industry. If a heavy copper PCB manufacturer follows these techniques, the output will be shocking.

Expensive, but worth of money

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Heavy copper PCB board manufacturers has gained a rank of a popular trend in the industry due to its reliable performance and thermal management. Consequently, they are in high demand. As heavier current passes through the circuits, a high amount of heat is inevitable as a byproduct that can destroy the circuit. New heavy copper circuit boards, however, control the heat dissipation efficiently, which ensures optimum performance.

The best tip to buy a printed board circuit from a Heavy copper PCB manufacturers is to select one that has copper plating for longer-lasting circuits.