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Oct 21 2020

Huafeng Electronics: Top-notch PCB Manufacturing Company

Huafeng Electronics company serves the customers since 1987 by manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs). This world-calls manufacturer has obtained certifications like UL, ISO9001, ISO14000 for its production and reliability. The quality of the products and the commitment of the company is top of the line. Exclusively, the sales team is focusing on all types of markets irrespective of sizes. The main feature of the company is that it helps its customers for producing their own PCBs in the market. The customers are benefited by the company to produce products quickly and efficiently. The high precision and density of the company products have got an excellent reputation among the customers.

Products application and the major highlights of the company

The major industries where the Huafeng Electronics product used are medicine, power supply, electronics, automotive, and communication. The company’s success and long-standing in the market are achieved by its high-quality products and modern technologies. The important factor is ISO9001 QC standard by which the trust among clients and customers is obtained. The company. Yet another milestone for the success of the company is the 72-hour quick turn prototyping feature of the company. The customers can get a quick estimate from the team on request. The current production capacity of the company is around 10, 000-15, 000m². The company has both technical and market team for the customers’ service.

The other values of the company are customer satisfaction for long years. Customer satisfaction is obtained by its strict quality control policy and features. Continuous innovation of the technical team to cope with the standards and competition from across the globe. The team ensures the proficiency of the products very often and has never compromised any value for the sake of money. Only the quality of the company is given the main preference. The brand impression of the product is massive not only local but also globally. The manufacturer of prototypes has won the appreciation of plenty of customers worldwide. Hence, the market standard of the company is huge and state of the art. The solution-driven feature of the company product is really jaw-dropping.


What are the types of PCB equipment available with Huafeng company?

Matchless PCB equipment that is available is

  • MYDATA-MY200 This machine is widely used in military units and also in research stations. Many countries are using this machine
  • MYDATA Printing Machine-this machine is also widely from across the globe for various process
  • DIP Automatic Spray Wave Soldering Machine-this machine is an automatic model and has got attractive functions
  • AOI Detector
  • X-RAY Detector
  • 60 Times Digital Electron Microscope

The above PCB machines are found in major industries and their uses are top of the line. The wide applications of these machines are well utilized by the clients. The reviews and feedback about the machines are positive for the company. The various types of PCBs such as ceramic, aluminum, and copper types are very familiar to the customers. The PCB capabilities are state of the art type and hence the popularity of the business is improving like a wildfire. The material’s performance is high class and has been gaining the attention of big clients from everywhere. The superior quality PCBs are manufactured to meet the aim and desires of the customers by the company.

Certification and products

The company has been certified based on the safety and quality standards for the users for a long period of time. The products of the company are standing to the core satisfaction of the stakeholders and the clients from across the globe. The market for these products is absolutely stunning and the sale is increasing every day. The market team with its core efficiency, innovative ideas along with customers satisfaction feature are the making key for success. The production team that has top and superior quality engineers for making the products is commendable. The team is always aimed at matching the industry standards and what expected by the customers.


The products are made keeping the user’s flexibility and advantages in the mind. Considering these features of the company it is clearly understood the reason for the present top position of the company. Let us see the major products of the company here

  •  Heavy copper PCB- single, double and multilayer plates are common types of the heavy copper PCB types. The major features of the heavy copper type are the best quality sheet, excellent printing process, pure production process, and on-time delivery
  • Aluminum PCB -This product is ideal for the SMT process.
  • Ceramic PCBs- This ceramic made board comes in different types and shapes. The major advantage of the board is that it can able to withstand high temperatures for a long time. This board is widely used in different fields.
  • PCB Gold Finger-This gold plated column is found on PCB’s at the edges.
  • High-density interconnects-Due to this feature the cost of the board is reduced. The board has a standard feature and it is reliable among the users. This board improves the efficiency of the designs of the board.
  • Mixed PCB The features of this product are reliable and are used in different fields. The wide application of the Mixed PCB is found in circuit components support.
  •  Thick Copper PCB-This product comes in different forms such as single, double, and multi-layer copper PCBs. This PCB is found in major fields and has been used very widely.
  • Ultra-Thin PCBThis board is found majorly in the electronic industry and majorly in most of the hospitals. This comes in various types, designs, and models thereby satisfying the satisfaction of the customers highly.

The competitive price of the above products entices a majority of customers for purchasing. Indeed, the major advantages of the products are a phenomenal achievement of the company

The above PCB’s products are manufactured and marketed in an exemplary way. The customers who have various queries can contact the team of the company at (+86) 0755-83388898. The customer service department of the company is excellent and has been satiating the basic needs of the customers’ inquiry. The customers can also get details about the company on the website The customers can also contact the officials by