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What Are the Features of a Fast Turn PCB Prototypes

Oct 21 2020

What Are the Characteristics of a Fast Turn PCB Prototypes

Fast turn PCB prototypes are crucial in the current fast-paced market. It is time-efficient and high performing in printing the circuit board. Since customers want to save energy, time, and money, this is the best option in PCB prototype printing. A PCB prototype is an identically designed to the original PCB to carry out quality assessment and inspection. It is essential to facilitate a favorable fabrication finally. This enables any modifications and developments to post appropriate evaluation and analysis to the final fabricated product.

What is a Fast Turn PCB Prototype?

A PCB Prototype that enables the manufacturing of a customer desired PCB with a fast turnaround time is a Fast Turn PCB Prototype. This prototype allows for quick manufacture, avoid time delays, meeting the deadlines, are time and cost-efficient.

A PCB or Printed Circuit Board is designed to electrically link and mechanically support the components on the board by making use of conductive paths, signal traces, and tracks. This design is what the core of a proper device operation is. A PCB design’s functionality is finalized by checking its equivalent or a PCB prototype.

A PCB designing process involves:

  • The design
  • Design printing
  • Substrate creation
  • Inner layers printing
  • UV
  • Eliminating Extra Copper
  • Inspection
  • Layers lamination
  • Layers pressing
  • Drilling and Plating
  • Process of Etching
  •  Applying solder mask
  •  Silk screening
  • Finishing the surface
  • PCB testing

fast-turn-pcb-prototypes-02Assembly process types of fast turn PCB prototypes

  • Surface mount- manufacturers call it as SMT.
  • Thru-hole- different types of solder are used within this assembly.
  • Mixed technology- this combines surface mount and thru-hole.
  • Double or single-sided placement- components are placed on both sides in double and on one side in a single side placement on a circuit board.

Why Do We Need a Fast Turn PCB Prototype?

A PCB prototype enables the PCB to meet with current electrical and mechanical applications. The prototypes are generated with properties and functionalities similar to the original PCB design. This stage is essential to rectify, omit, correct, and alter the mechanical and technical errors and needs. Any loopholes can be eliminated, and any changes that the customer desired can be made at this stage and tested for proper operation.

The need for PCB assembly models with any customized additions before the final fabrication process has to be done before the deadline. A fast turn PCB prototype enables speedier turnaround time, thereby saving costs. But, the customer should be precise in the requirements in a fast turn PCB prototype. The specifications can then be met according to the customized needs of the customer time efficiently.

Key Features of a Fast Turn PCB Prototype

  • Minimize delays- The customer will not be waiting for a long time with this type of PCB Prototypes for their final customized PCB. This prevents any delay in verification of design and any other clarifications.
  • Minimize the time of manufacturing process- The overall manufacturing process of PCB is reduced as the prototyping is fast. The final product can be manufactured as soon as the design is finalized.
  • Checking before ordering- It enables checking the final design and make any desired changes before placing the order to the number of PCBs required. Since the prototype is time-efficient, there’s no delay in testing before final fabrication.
  • Single call away-A fast Turn PCB Prototype opting customers can make a single call to make any changes in the specifications of the PCB design. They are offered assistance from one of the technicians or engineers whom they can directly contact for customization. This can be quickly implemented, and the changes can also be made as quickly as possible.


  • Cost-efficient- These prototypes not only save time but are cost-efficient. The workforce can concentrate on other aspects of the work with these prototypes. In some cases, a day is turnaround time. The work is quick, and workforce can focus on subsequent tasks.
  • Quick assembly- The assembly is accelerated with high quality fast turn PCB prototypes. The experience and expertise make it even faster.
  • Handle load- With a quick assembly process and fast turn PCB Prototypes, it is easier to test the customized product without delays. This way, more than one PCB Prototype can be tested for final fabrication. Eventually, the customer’s orders are handled efficiently.
  • High performance- Fast Turn PCB prototypes improves performance and efficiency by dealing with defects or changes quickly and on time. However, the changes have to be handled before the PCB is made.
  • Error-free- These PCB prototypes ensures the PCB boards are error-free by spotting them in their prototypes. Thus, they are corrected before the final fabrication process.
  • keeping in pace- These prototypes keeps you in the latest trend of manufacturing and deal with the competition in this area effectively. With brief lead times, challenging deadlines are conveniently met that enhance manufacturing reliability.
  • The benefit to manufacturer- The manufacturer is benefitted from this technology in precise and expert manufacturing. Quick turnaround times allow the manufacturer to meet the size, quality, tooling, circuitry and cost-efficiently to meet the deadline. The finishing of the project becomes easier and quick for the manufacturer.
  • Can take up multiple projects- With Fast turn PCBs, the assembly can be taken up in a wide range. Assembly is available in different sizes, shapes, designs, and other factors for a fast turn prototype.
  • Ease of use- The prototypes are easy to use and tested. They offer work efficiency and user value.
  • Development of design- The design schematics are assessed in the initial phase. The design can be collaborated with the expertise and according to customer’s need.
  • Board editing- The prototype phase is ensured of editing to enable the components to be framed to the customized design and enable certain changes for efficient working.


Speed is a crucial aspect of modern business. For high performing electronic device, PCB structure is very crucial. The PCB should be efficient, high in performance and good in its assembly. fast turn PCB prototypes enable this by thorough evaluation and analysis. This makes the final PCB to be error free and according to the customer’s needs. These prototypes are the best solutions for the manufacturing process to be time and cost efficient. They prevent delays and offer quick turnaround time to as little as a day at times. They ensure meeting of customer’s challenging deadlines, full-proof assembly and manufacturing and high quality PCBs.

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