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Design method of PCB shape and size

Feb 17 2020

The PCB shape and size are determined by the PCB transmission method and placement range of the placement machine.

1.PCB shape

(1) When the PCB is positioned on the mounting table and the PCB is transmitted through the table, there are no special requirements for the shape of the PCB.

(2) When the PCB is directly transmitted by the guide rail, the outline of the PCB must be straight. If it is a special-shaped PCB, the process edge must be designed to form a straight line on the outside of the PCB.

2.PCB size

The PCB size is determined by the placement range. When designing the PCB, consider the maximum and minimum placement dimensions of the placement machine in the x and Y directions, and the maximum and minimum PCB thickness.

When the PCB size is smaller than the minimum mounting size, a jigsaw method must be used. The jigsaw can improve production efficiency. When double-sided and full-surface assembly is used, the design of even-numbered jigsaw, half of the front and back, and the graphics on both sides are exactly the same. This design can use the same template to save production preparation time and improve production efficiency and equipment utilization